Sell Your Home Fast! We Pay Cash for Most Properties!

Welcome to Apex Property Investments.
We Pay Cash For Houses


The primary goal of Apex Property Investments is to buy properties that are undervalued or hard to sell, put them in saleable condition
and then sell them on the open market.


We buy properties from people who are selling for different reasons. They might have inherited a property and don’t want to, or are unable to, deal with it for different reasons. They may be going thru a divorce and just want the property gone. Or they might be in pre-foreclosure and need help to protect their credit.


Apex Property Investments also buys HUD or Fannie May properties to rehab and provide a wonderful home for someone that does not want to do it themselves. A side-effect of all this is generally the property is improved, raising its value and the value of the properties around it. We haven’t had a neighbor complain yet!


Most of our properties are purchased with cash. This provides a quick solution to an individual’s situation.
Apex Property Investments Helps take the Hassle out of Selling Your Home.


  • We Help You Sell Your Home Fast
  • We Pay Typical Closing Costs
  • We Buy Homes in Any Condition

  • We Pay Cash for Houses
  • We Don’t Charge Commission or Fees
  • We Handle All the Paperwork



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